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Ebano Finance helps investors and African companies to better connect with each other. Thanks to our extensive experience in Africa and all the efforts we have made to find relevant partners, we established the Ebano Network – our on-the-ground teams and partners across the continent.

Ebano Finance launched the online platform Ebano to leverage the Ebano Network. Ebano connects investors (investment fund/bank, business angel, family office...) with African SMEs & large-sized companies looking for long-term financing and partnerships.

To avoid any conflicts of interests, Ebano Finance does not provide any services or consulting

Fueling growth in Africa

Changing economies mean new rules and new approaches to traditional challenges. Ebano is at the heart of this evolution building a digital marketplace to fuel and strengthen the growth in Africa.

A perfect storm in the market :

  • Accelerating grassroots growth driven by an expanding middle class.
  • Private sector still underfunded, particularly in the SME segment.
  • Africa offers attractive returns, in stagnant global financial markets.

  • Ebano connects investors with entrepreneurs to benefit from this unique opportunity.

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Services for investors

In a global marketplace where complexity reigns and healthy growth is scarce, investors need up-to-date tools to widen their view on opportunities, whilst ensuring a streamlined approach to promising investments. The advent of the web, digital technology and most notably mobile networks now allows operators to leverage at both ends of the deal.

Ebano answers these questions with services designed specifically for investors to save time and energy, and identify hidden opportunities.


Tools and alerts to quickly find companies matching your search criteria.


A fine-tuned vision of sectors and geographies of your panel of companies.

Due Diligence

Quick access to essential data and company information to speed up the selection process.


Custom services and analysis through our partner network.

The state of investment in Africa

Solutions for entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs looking to finance their growth, R&D, acquisitions or expansion into new markets, Ebano identifies and drives the right partners, bringing not only capital but an enlarged network and expertise.

Join Ebano and prepare your organisation for the future.

Performance Analysis

Analyse your situation & clarify your real financial needs.


Compare your organisation's performance.

Finance Partners

Connect with the right partners.


Take control of your image and environment.

The Ebano Finance team

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